Slowing Down: From 60 to 0

Ever feel like your wheels are spinning and you’re going nowhere? Recently, I had this experience and I would describe it as restlessness both the mind and body i constant motion at a high rate of speed but with little direction in mind. The more I zoomed in one direction the more I felt that I needed to be somewhere else. Finally, I just stopped. I laid down almost again my will and listened to a part of me, a small quiet voice that said “be still”. So from 60 to 0 I plopped onto my bed, the cool sheets against my skin and started to stop. I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Resistance continued to creep into my mind but as I decelerated I could feel my body and mind relaxing and my direction becoming clearer. With each moment I released the should, would, could streaming through my mind and it gradually cleared away. Fully still and silent, resting at zero, I was no longer restless. After a 20 minute rest I decided to move again. Speeding up slowly I discovered I was moving with intention and with increased awareness and grace.


Breath in Love

Breathe in Love- A Meditation

Breathe in love to your heart. The love flows from the heart into the vessels which bring love into the brain, to the tips of your fingers and down to the tips of the toes. The love swirls around the ankles, the knees and the hips. This same breath of love snakes up the spine and enters into the belly. The love returns to the heart and pours from the heart out freely into the world. The love multiplies with every person it touches and continues to spread person to person breath by breath until the whole world pulses with love. The world pulsing with love sends vibrations, waves of love out into the universe. The ripples of love reach the stars, the space between and the planets themselves. The sun receives the love and shines brighter glowing with love. Exhale and inhale another breath of love into the heart. The cycle continues and the love grows.

This piece of art was commissioned for Shannon Bogucki to represent the flowers in her wedding bouquet. The artist is Rebecca Vella. Visit her gallery for more artist samples.

Strive to Thrive

People say that if they received the diagnosis of cancer they wouldn’t go down without a fight. This begs the question that if you’ll fight to survive, why not fight to thrive? Why are we so given to complacency and contentment? Why do we give up on our true dreams so easily and fall softly into the status quo? When does the fight begin? Should we wait until given a death sentence to feel the desire to really live?

If you were lucky the adults in your life told you to dream big as a child. They supported your imagination and your ability to see how a piece of string on the couch is really a serpent perched in its castle. We call this “inner child” in adulthood and some of us are lucky enough to hang on. But for the vast majority moving from childhood meant “growing up” and out of dreaming.

I had an experience recently that freed me to get in touch with that happy-go-lucky little girl that built fortresses in dirt and belted out songs from the top of the slide. While traveling in South America, life became play again inspired by nature and the magic of life. For instance, I woke up one morning so full of energy after a long hike that while skipping to meet up with a horse I leapt a few times and kicked my heels together. This spontaneity is joy and dreaming is joy. Our whole lives can be joyful if we decide to celebrate each moment and look at life as one endless opportunity for turning our dreams into reality.

I challenge each of us to thrive in the present! Thriving should be take place every day and not saved up for weekends and vacations. How many times have we thought, “two more days until the weekend” or “just one more week until vacation”. If we live our lives with these thoughts we have essentially given up on the present choosing to endure life rather than truly experience. By striving to thrive rather than just survive we take hold of life for the now “grab the bull by the horns” if you will, and truly experience life!


Green Falls Pond Yoga Hike
Voluntown, CT
Saturday, June 19th
9AM- 3:30PM

You are invited to a very special YogaTrails event Strive to Thrive featuring guest leader, Andrea Willets of Voice of My Life, Life Coaching. Strive to Thrive is designed to help you take a deeper look at meaning in your life. Are you ready to get CONSCIOUS with movement, stretching your body-mind-spirit!? Join us for June 19th to deepen your yoga practice and connection with self.

Get Inspired, Get Conscious and Get Moving!

Hit the trail with Kyle and Andrea and enjoy a day including:

* Sun Salutations
* Mindful Hiking
* Body-Mind-Spirit conscious exercise
* Vinyasa Yoga Class on the trail
* Delicious organic lunch
* Afternoon hike and Back to Basics Yoga: Aligning Yourself in Nature.


YogaTrails Gallery

YogaTrails from the Appalacian Trail to the Andes Mountains
YT in Rhode Island

Garden of The Gods, CO

Quilotoa Lake

Paracas National Reservation

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Colca Canyon, Peru

Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The Inca Jungle Trek, Santa Maria, Peru


Opening up to Yoga

I lost something. At 23 years old I suffered a back injury that kept me from running. This sudden loss led me to search for a new outlet and a revised meaning of health. Painful as the injury was, the deeper pain was felt in the emotional layers of losing something that for a long time had served as an identity. I am a runner. I started to try on other identities like I am a walker, a bike rider, a swimmer. None of these satisfied me in the way running did. To me, I felt like I was posing in someone else’s shoes. That’s when I started yoga. I can remember my first class. I stepped onto the mat with my socks on unknowingly committing yoga fopaux #1. As I continued with the classes, learning yogic breathing techniques and meditation as well as the postures, I started to open up to a new love. In some ways yoga was like running. Yoga helped me tone my muscles and increase my breathing capacity. When I practiced I felt open and free, inspired and connected. There was a yoga “high” that I had experienced with running. Four years later and my back is fully healed but I felt whole long before. Yoga has offered me an incredible source of joy, love and connection.

YogaTrails Pilot

YogaTrails Pilot

Saturday May 22nd, 2010

YogaTrails is a unique experience designed to maximize wellness for the body, mind, and spirit. Set in nature and subscribing to the idea of movement as a way to health, this experience amplifies the yoga journey naturally.  The day begins with a gentle yoga stretch before hitting the trail. As your muscles warm up and you breathe fresh air, you will set intentions for the day. Throughout the day there will be a combination of hiking, yoga, meditation, and breath work all focused on awareness of self and nature. Following a fresh, organic lunch our guest presenter, Rebecca Taliercio will facilitate an engaging discussion addressing topics of health, wellness, and nutrition. The journey continues back on the trail and winds its way to close with a gentle yoga stretch and gratitude meditation.

Chatfield Trail/Cockaponset State Park:

6 mile hike in rocky area of coastal Connecticut. Moss, trees in full bloom, springtime

Meet at Chatfield Hollow State Park parking lot at 9:15, departing promptly at 9:30AM.

Outline of Day:

AM YogaStretch

Mindful Hiking

Mid Day Break with fresh organic lunch

Wellness Talk facilitated by Rebecca Vella Taliercio

YogaTrails yoga class

Awareness in Nature Hike

YogaStretch/Meditation with closing discussion

Return to Parking Lot at 3:30PM

Special Rate For YogaTrails Pilot: $25/ person


  • YogaTrails yoga class in nature
  • 2 yoga stretch/meditation sessions to open/close the day
  • Mindful Hike in nature
  • Fresh, organic lunch provided by YogaTrail’s Wellness kitchen
  • Guided discussion regarding a nutrition and wellness topic featuring guest leader/speaker
  • Opportunity to deepen practice through the intrinsic power/connection with nature
  • Learn mindfullness and meditation techniques

Recommended to Bring:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Layered outerdoor clothing, clothes you can move easily in. (avoid jeans and khaki)
  • Rain gear
  • Small backpack
  • Insect repepllent
  • Personal needs (ie. allergy meds, inhaler)
  • Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes

For all levels. Note Hikes will vary according to group abilities
Get off the mat and onto the YogaTrail!

Stay Tuned for Future YogaTrails events!
YogaTrails Group Rates for Full Day: 9AM-3:30PM

Work one-on-one with Kyle to customize a program or YT event specifically geared to fit your needs.