Yoga Hike Massachusetts

We set out crunching over newly fallen acorns, sounds of birds and wind in tree tops above. We were on the brink of fall, leaves just starting to show hues of gold and red.

Peering into tree trunks and rock crevices whole micro-ecosystems were revealed. And as these new worlds opened up we experienced a new sense of serenity and magic.

Our hike was dotted with yoga poses such as mountain pose, tree pose, and forward fold that reflected the images of nature.

Rebecca Vella Taliercio led us in Qi-Gong to get our creative energies flowing. She shared some insights from her own life as an artist and helped us open up to our own unique creativity.

It was a beautiful day of hiking, yoga, and exploration of the senses. We left feeling renewed and grateful for the beauty of the natural world and its incredible ability to let creative souls soar.


Next YT hike October 30th Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI 9AM-12AM.