Yoga ‘Round the World

Greetings from Australia!

This year is all about travel with the love of my life, Tal Gur. We met while traveling a year ago in Bolivia and 6 months later we were engaged in Montreal, QC. Since then, I’ve left my job, moved out of Providence, RI, and said farewell to friends and family as I’ve taken off for a ‘round the world adventure with my fiancé.

We’ve decided to explore Australia, Thailand, India, and a bit of Europe. Along the way we have plans for 2 weddings (one in Israel and one in the US). Wow, what a year it will be!

Our trip kicked off with a 4-Wheel drive Aussie road trip through lush green mountains, coastal beach towns and lively colorful cities full of gorgeous super-friendly people. Whenever I’ve had the chance (which is pretty often these days), I’ve been rolling out my Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat or practicing yoga on sandy beaches, flat rocks, or soft green grasses.

The Gaiam Travel yoga mat is something I purchased before my South American trip a year ago. It can easily fit rolled up or folded into a backpack and offers versatility as either a sticky mat or towel. It is super thin and light and easy to clean- just throw it in the washing machine or scrub it down quickly in the shower. It’s been durable and dependable and provides me with the grounding space that sometimes only a yoga mat can provide.

We have another month in Australia including a trip through the Outback and Central Australian Desert before flying to Thailand. Tal will study Thai Kickboxing there and I’ll fly to India for a 6-week course on Ayurvedic Medicine. There will be daily meditation and yoga practice, a chance to discover ancient remedies and study with masters in the field!!

Stay tuned and enjoy the journey!

Kyle Anne

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