Slowing Down: From 60 to 0

Ever feel like your wheels are spinning and you’re going nowhere? Recently, I had this experience and I would describe it as restlessness both the mind and body i constant motion at a high rate of speed but with little direction in mind. The more I zoomed in one direction the more I felt that I needed to be somewhere else. Finally, I just stopped. I laid down almost again my will and listened to a part of me, a small quiet voice that said “be still”. So from 60 to 0 I plopped onto my bed, the cool sheets against my skin and started to stop. I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Resistance continued to creep into my mind but as I decelerated I could feel my body and mind relaxing and my direction becoming clearer. With each moment I released the should, would, could streaming through my mind and it gradually cleared away. Fully still and silent, resting at zero, I was no longer restless. After a 20 minute rest I decided to move again. Speeding up slowly I discovered I was moving with intention and with increased awareness and grace.