A dance, a spiritual dance

A dance, a spiritual dance.
Grab your body, come on, let’s go!
A struggle, a strain
set free to swim
to do back flips into a pool of love,
an oasis of joy.
The reservoir of deep passionate connection
to your soul grows
as life flows through your veins.

A wonder, mouth wide open
tasting the salt of the air off the shore,
mist on your face,
the sun poking through the clouds,
you glow.

And you run so fast your muscles pumping
your heart working vigorously,
the sweat pouring off your slick, firm body.
You run into feeling,
pain and joy mix and their droplets fall to the earth.

Splash, you dive into the ocean
and move like a turbo-charged vessel
slicing though the water strong and sleek.
The cool water enveloping your body like a fish
you press forward going faster and faster
until reach the line that pulls you up to the ship.

You sail to the island and they’re expecting you.
A simple white fish, greens, and wine.
You shower under the palms
in the cool spring lake,
dress in soft cotton
and taste each bite
as the sun beats down
one beat at a time,
your heart slowing until it crosses
to the other side of the horizon.