Yoga Hiking in Connecticut

Stepping onto the trail we were greeted by wild purple iris, frogs, and ferns. Greens of all shades popped from the tree branches, ground covering, and moss that hugged onto rock ledges. The fresh air entered into our lungs as we set our day’s intentions to the sound of “Om”. ┬áThe day continued with a mindful hike and deep observation of nature. A quick yoga stretch and our journey continued. Climbing, we felt the direct connection between the earth’s contours and our own bodies as our breath began to deepen and heat built up in our muscles.

The sun shined on our faces as we took warrior pose gazing up to the birds above. In mountain pose, strength and length were built in the spine and stable legs. We flowed through sun salutations welcoming the sun’s warmth and the surrounding tree’s gentle embrace. With Mother Nature as our guide, we celebrated each moment renewing our spirit and energy. The single track trail cut through rock face and over small streams where lady slipper and mountain laurel flanked the trail painting flecks of pink and yellow onto the glowing green canvas.

At the break, our teeth sank into sprouted whole grain bread as we soaked up tastes of avocado, crunchy cucumber, and smooth pine nut hummus layered beneath savory sprouts and organic cheddar cheese. Accompanying this we indulged in dark chocolate and roasted almonds as well as lightly salted organic stove top popcorn and organic apples.

Following this tasty delight, Rebecca Taliercio led us in an Introduction to Qigong where we recharged our energy and centered ourselves before pairing off to learn basic massage techniques. Thoroughly sated and relaxed we continued our journey, intentions still in our hearts.

At the end of the day we unwound with gentle yoga and reflected on the lessons of the trail. Thanks was given to all that nature and the pursuit of more conscious living can provide: openness, spaciousness, clarity, a non-judgmental well of love, a fountain of inspiration, and a forum for connection with ourselves and others. Om.

A special thanks to those that participated in the YogaTrails Pilot:

Kyle and Jayne Willets

Allie and Liz

Rebecca and Rosemarie in Tree Pose

Kyle & Tal in Ardha-Chandrasana

With love and gratitude,