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Enjoy stunning natural beauty while getting your cardio

Practice Yoga

Experience yoga, meditation, and mindful breathing


Meet new people and have fun!

Connect with Nature

Connect with Yourself

A tree conveys both strength and beauty. The bird tells us to hold life with a light grasp. A stream reminds us that life is constantly shifting and changing. The gifts of nature reveal all of this and more. In the simple beauty of the natural world there is freedom.



Cynthia Scott

The beautiful outdoors and hiking paired with Yoga and meditation lent to an amazing experience. The experience I had with my inner self was incredibly meaningful and sustaining….



It's an Internal Journey

full of grace and ease

Meditate to the sound of a gentle stream. Find tree pose while connecting with a large Oak. Feel yourself soar in triangle pose as birds fly high above. Observe the changing energies of a forest and ground into the present moment.



Lauren Bolles

Yoga Trails was the perfect mix of nature, reflection, and relaxation. My experience led me to have a new outlook on my future, and a new appreciation for the world around me.


The Yoga Trails Experience

inside the yoga hike

  • Take yoga to the next level and connect with the natural world.
  • Yoga Trails will renew & recharge your energy.
  • Learn Yoga breathing techniques to calm and revitalize your body.
  • Build flexibility, coordination, balance and strength
  • Have fun and meet new people
  • Breath fresh air while getting your cardio
  • Delight in an organic, delicious vegetarian lunch (included with retreats)
  • Attune your body with nature and reconnect with your natural rhythms


Our Yoga Hikes


Nicole Verdi

Yoga Trails was a truly wonderful experience. Kyle Anne Willets has a bright light around her that allowed everyone in the group to feel at ease, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and really experience the joys of the day.


Meet The Founder

Kyle Anne Willets, DPT, RYT, Ayurveda Therapist

Kyle Willets is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Ayurveda Therapist trained in India, and a registered yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. She is also a nature enthusiast and avid hiker.

While hiking in the Andes Mountains of South America Kyle began to do yoga on the trail. Yoga Trails blossomed of this awe and wonder-filled experience.

It seemed a natural fit: yoga + hiking and Yoga Trails soon became the vision inspired by nature and a deep love for yoga. It was there that she found incredible spaciousness, beauty, and peace which transformed her yoga practice. The heightened experiences of sensation, breath and breath-taking meditation on the trail was like nothing she had ever experienced in the studio.

Kyle believes in Mother Nature’s intrinsic ability to awaken consciousness and guide spiritual and personal development. She is passionate about facilitating this transformation for her clients through the intersection of yoga and hiking.

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